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Buying & Selling

Two different roles within a company with a lot of similarity in (negotiation) techniques.


Online & offline, mass marketing & personal marketing, email marketing & promotion teams, single brand & joint promotions. There are multiple ways to reach your goal.


And then people have to move, have to change, have to act or react. With the proper approach they will go where you want them to go, they will do what you want them to do.


Business development, IT development, team development, individual development. We deliver.

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Use our knowdge for your business
The brain is the one thing that gets better the more you use it

We are a group of well educated independent people. We have tons of experience in the field of marketing, sales, operations, finance and development. We have worked at various companies with various company sizes in various industries both national and multinational. We have managed particular challenges within specific businesses like media, retail, e-commerce, whole sales and the travel & leisure industry. We are able to built teams and businesses in a start-up situation and we are well known with change management in case the company has to adapt to a new market or economical situation.

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Since October 2015 we have been building an innovative consumer platform: design the website & app, build the teams, contract the partners, grow the database. Ultimately making it happen.

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